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CFAR "A" Litter

Pashi & Kodiak

StormnAngels Bhyundar x Kodiak of Kesang Camp

January 19, 2005

CFAR Tibetan Mastiffs is proud to announce the birth of their "A" litter. Sire Kodiak of Kesang Camp (call name: Kodiak) and dam StormnAngels Bhyundar (call name: Pashi) had 7 black and tan puppies that were born on January 19, 2005. Pashi did a wonderful job as a first-time mother. Unfortunately, we lost the smallest pup on the third day as she just could not keep up but the remaining 4 males and 2 females in the litter are proving to be strong, healthy and are growing fast. We are constantly amazed at the daily changes in each and every one of them. We welcome you to visit our website and watch the progress as our puppies grow! This litter is very special to us and we are deeply grateful for such healthy pups!

We would like to thank Lyse Stormont of StormnAngels Tibetan Mastiffs who is the owner of Pashi's dam, Xin Angeni Ni A Soechavati (call name: Angeni) and also thanks to Susan Ochsenbein of Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs who is the owner of Pashi's sire, Ch. Himalaya's Lokeshvara (call name: Norbu). They both showed what caring and dedicated TM breeders they are with their encouragement and support. I commend them for being there and helping us with CFAR's first successful breeding.

Thank you so much.


Arborstone CFAR Loyal Guard

Our first male puppy we called "Dobbie". Dobbie was an energetic puppy who was always first at the milk bar. We were happy with his development and he was placed with a family that has the Alpha Diogi kennel in Ohio. They gave him the name of Porthos and he has grown to a handsome male that has sired one litter.

CFAR's Orion

Our second male we gave the temporary name of "Worf". (My husband is a Trekkie and named him.) From the start he was a very handsome boy with a very easy-going temperament. He made the long journey to New York where his new family gave him the name of Orion. Orion is well loved and they liked him so much they got him a female TM playmate named Cassie. Orion also was given the special treasure of a new little human baby boy to call his own. We are pleased to hear how happy his owners are and thank them for their updates on his progress.

CFAR's Kato

Third male was a very handsome and mischievous boy we called Kato. Kato was the first to meet any new visitors. An athletic boy, he was jumping on top of things at an early age and loved to tease his siblings. He went to a home in southern Washington where he was immediately introduced to Tibetan Terriers as playmates. He kept the name Kato.

Denali's Kodamae of CFAR

Our first female puppy, Sammi, went to the Denali Legend kennel in Alaska. She was greeted there by her Aunt Maggie, a sister to Sammi's father Kodiak. Sammi was lucky to have a wonderful friend in her owner's son, Nick, whom she adores. He lets her get away with everything! Sammi has done well in showing at local dog shows. We look forward to more news of this wonderful girl and I am happy that her owner Shanny and I have developed a great friendship.

CFAR's Nahm Khyi

And last, our little "Kola Bear" who was given the name of Nham Khyi by her new owners in Colorado. Nham Khyi was a little "instigator" and could make the whole litter go into a crazy game of ruff and tumble. She was the lead puppy of the group and once she caused mayhem, she would sit back and watch the fun. At her home in Colorado, Nham Khyi was soon given a wonderful gift of a human baby boy to love and protect. Nahm Khyi is not so little anymore but she is very attentive to her active family and shows a true TM love of life. She is lucky to get some wonderful winter weather.


Sadly, little Dozer escaped out of our fenced yard and was hit by a truck as he chased after a raccoon. Words cannot describe the sadness that we felt.

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