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December 25, 2007

We had a very Merry Christmas here at CFAR in 2007. Sairys gifted us with eight beautiful puppies! Four boys and four girls, all black and tan. Details, pictures and updates of the puppies will be posted here.  Please contact us if you would like to inquire about a puppy from future litters.

We thought hard and long what temporary names to give the pups and came up with computer terms as a theme.

CFAR's Beyond Kayos "Ping"

Ping is a female we gave a yellow ribbon to. At 8 days old, she is quiet and is getting some darker tan on her legs. She bears a small white spot on her chest and jet black coat.


Mac is our female with the light blue ribbon. Mac is almost identical to Ping but her large white spot on her chest gives her away.

CFAR's Bronwen Mocha Java "Mocha"

An orange ribbon is what our female we call Java wears. She is a substantial girl with a strong desire to be at the "milk bar" constantly. She looks like she will have wonderful markings and has a large white spot on her chest.

CFAR's Bharani Bhanu "Nyima"

And last of the girls is Cookie with a small wide white patch. Already her dramatic dark tan markings are showing. Just like Mama!

Our males are colored like this:


The light purple male is one that we call Flash. He is black and tan and has a long, thin strip of white down to his stomach with a few spots to each side, almost like someone splashed him with a dab of white paint.


The male with the red ribbon is our Cyber. He likes to be in the center of the pile when they are cuddled together. His white spot on his chest almost has a letter "M" in it. We hope he keeps that.

CFAR's Brug Williwaw "Willie"

Sporting a bright blue ribbon is Linux. Linux is jet black and with his tan marks coming out will be quite a handsome boy.

CFAR's Bodhi Nyima "Bodhi"

And last is our male with the dark purple ribbon, Chip. Chip has the most tan of the males right now.


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