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Falco Tanka

Falco of Temple Garuda x Citadel's Don Chen Tanka

December 9, 2008

On December 9, 2008 Tanka gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies. We had 4 girls and 2 boys, all black & tan. Pictures of the little sweeties can be found below!

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Late December 9, 2008, Tanka finally delivered the first of her 6 black and tan puppies. Tanka worked hard for her family to be born. We are proud of her and the way she takes pride in her new family. She is attentive to them and we are relieved that the whelping went so well. Good job, sweet Tanka!

CFAR’s Singhey

After hours of waiting and waiting, the first puppy, a male, made his entry. A black and tan with a small white spot on his chest. Within minutes he was on his path to the milk bar. We call this boy Balu and we identify him with a blue ribbon.

CFAR’s Chomolungma Dharmakaya

The next arrival was a handsome black and tan boy with an attitude. He has white on his chest and small splashes of white down his tummy and he has 4 white toes. He quickly joined his brother. We’ve called him Yogi and his ribbon color is green.

CFAR's Kyi Gu-Lang

Girl number one was born at 12:10 on 12/10! She is black and tan with a small bit of white on her chest. We call this girl Nani. Nani chose a red ribbon for her color.

CFAR's Thubten Iris

Black and tan girl number 2 came into the world with a quick hello and was then off to find her spot at the milk bar. She has 4 white feet and an upside down “Y” on her chest like Mama Tanka. We call her Jackee. Jackee has the orange ribbon and you’ll find Jackee cuddling on her siblings.

CFAR's Caylash Hallahelmen

Number 3 girl was not to be left behind. “Here I am!” squeaked the rambunctious black and tan girl. Mama Tanka quickly gave her a good bath. She has a long white blaze that looks like an upside down “Y” that goes down to her tummy and has 4 white toes. We call her Lulu. Lulu can be seen sporting a bright yellow ribbon. She knows she is sooo pretty!

CFAR’s Good Golly Miss Molly

And the last of the puppies is a black and tan sister number 4. She took her time to be born but the family was complete as she took her first breath. She has 3 white toes and a small white upside down Y on her chest. We call this sweet girl Shu Shu. Shu Shu has a silver ribbon and feels special!

Falco waited patiently upstairs and we let him know he was again the proud father of another special litter. We think he already knew!


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